Along with the opportunity to provide solutions for clients, my favorite part of being on the Premier team has to be the relationships I’ve forged between co-workers, clients, and the community. These bonds exist thanks in large part to our firm’s cultural focus on open communication. An emphasis on making connections also allows me to help clients realize that they don’t have to be afraid of personal finances and that this common fear can be mitigated — or even eradicated — by taking an educated and proactive approach to financial planning.  If I could tell my clients just one thing, it would be “You don’t have to do it alone.” Creating a financial planning partnership with my clients is where I really shine. Another favorite about working with Premier? Helping clients plan for retirement. I believe that we, as a society, need become more reliant on ourselves to prepare for a comfortable retirement, and I love helping clients formulate a plan so they can independently prepare to reach their retirement goals.


I’m a Humboldt County native, and after almost a decade spent working in the financial industry as a Trust Investment Officer in the Central Valley, I came back to raise my family in the community that I call home. I was excited to join the Premier team in 2012, as Premier’s focus on fiduciary responsibility aligns with my personal commitment to putting the needs of the client before the needs of the firm. In my role as an advisor to individuals, families, estates, foundations, and retirement plans, I put that commitment into practice on a daily basis. But I didn’t start out with the goal of becoming the financial professional I am today; rather, I loved creating art, especially the creativity and critical thinking it requires. I also loved science; solving mathematical and formulaic equations has always been enjoyable to me, much like a game or a puzzle. Financial advising lets me do both! I get to use scientific techniques in creative ways to solve unique, real-world problems for real individuals.