How did I become the Professional I am today?

Years of customer service ranging from the banking, marketing, and engineering industries have shaped me to become the professional I am today.  My goal has always been to work for a local organization that I believe in and am proud to be a part of, and to work every day to make that organization even better. The experience I have gained in the past 6 years has led me to pride myself in providing excellent customer service and always going above and beyond for my team members and our clients. My strong willingness to learn combined with my determination to always be bettering myself helps me continue to grow as a professional. You can count on the fact that if you call us or walk through our doors, I will greet you with a smile and friendly welcome and will do whatever I can to make your experience at Premier the absolute best it can be.

What inspires me most about Premier?

What inspires me most about Premier Financial Group is the outstanding company culture that Premier has cultivated. Before I had even joined the team, I was blown away by Premier’s core values, vision statement, and set of communication agreements, which all establish how dedicated Premier is to its client’s and team member’s success. I am also greatly inspired by Premier Financial Group’s 30+ year history, and the people who have gotten Premier to where it is today. I very much look up to the group of people I have the honor of working with.