Individuals & Families

We work with you and your family to create a financial
plan to help you work towards your goals and experience

financial peace of mind.

Investment Management


Investment management is the cornerstone for most financial plans. Our investment management services are designed to:

Simplify your financial affairs.

Seek to maximize your after-tax returns while controlling risk.

Potentially provide the income you may need for a comfortable retirement, paying for college expenses, and fulfilling your life goals.

Planning for retirement and life expenses is about more than investing in your 401(k) or setting up a savings account. It is about looking holistically at your financial situation and then taking steps to maximize the likelihood that you will have the

secure financial future you want.

Financial Planning
Estate Planning Guidance
Tax Planning Guidance

Managing your wealth is key to achieving your financial goals. We use a consultative approach to wealth management. We listen to you, learn from you, and then construct an integrated, personalized solution that focuses on the long-term.

While accumulating and conserving wealth throughout your life, you want to know how those assets will be distributed after your passing. This distribution requires thoughtful and current estate planning.

Estate planning may need to go beyond simply having a Will or Durable Power of Attorney. You may want to consider a trust to accomplish specific goals such as maintaining privacy, charitable giving, or college funding.

We will work with you and your estate planning attorney so that your estate is planned as you wish. We’ll talk about trusts, charitable giving, or other ideas you have for your estate.

In the estate administration process, we walk survivors through the implementation and transition of assets. We guide our clients through every step, working alongside your attorney and tax professionals.

Tax planning guidance is an essential part of our financial planning strategy. We can work closely with you and your tax professional to help manage your tax liability by:

  • Managing Dividends
  • Possible deduction of Investment Management Fees
  • Timing of Withdrawals
  • Required Minimum Distributions
  • Advising on liquidation of Securities
  • Understanding Estate Taxes
  • Charitable Planning

How We Can Help

Our wealth management approach is backed by academic research. We add true value by striving to efficiently capture market returns, targeting higher returning areas of the global capital markets, and minimizing your taxes and expenses.

Together, we’ll look holistically at your financial situation and take steps to help you work toward your financial future.

Our Team

Our team includes CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professionals who are experienced in helping you plan for retirement, college spending, and achieving your life goals. Our process helps you clarify your risk tolerance and financial affairs, such as income and expenses. With your goals in mind, we translate what we’ve learned into a plan that utilizes globally diversified portfolios with a transparent fee structure.


How To Find The
Right Financial Advisor

Working with the right advisor can be the difference between meeting your retirement planning goals or coming up short. We’ll help you navigate:

  • How often should I talk with my financial advisor?
  • What important questions should I ask?
  • How do I know if my advisor has the education and experience necessary?
  • What costs and fees are typically charged to a client?

Work with a Financial Planner 
with Ginger Weber, CFP ®


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