Nonprofits, Foundations,
and Organizations

Your non-profit or foundation works hard to make the world a better place — and as a trustee, you’re just as committed to ensuring that your organization continues to thrive.

That’s where Premier comes in. Whether your goals involve growth in preparation for future expansion or generating additional income to ensure current stability, we offer the necessary expertise and experience to help your organization meet its short- and long-term financial goals and, most importantly, fulfill its mission.

Strategic Organizational Planning


The Premier team is here to help your non-profit thrive. We are committed to:

Identifying the investment strategies that best meet your organization’s specific objectives, both long- and short-term.

Offering planning and advice from an objective standpoint; as fiduciaries to our clients and our community, we place your financial interests above our own.

Utilizing evidence-based, time-tested and prudent investment strategies based on quantifiable research.

Providing exceptional service; we believe in building relationships based on trust.

Working closely with you to create an investment plan that works to maximize your organization’s positive impact.

Working together to provide a sound financial strategy at every stage of

your organization’s growth.

Investment Management for Foundations and Nonprofits
Responsible Stewardship
Customized Portfolios

Managing your assets is key to achieving your financial goals. We use a consultative approach to wealth management. We listen to you, learn from you, and then construct an integrated, personalized solution that focuses on the long-term.

We structure our wealth management services to:

  • Simplify your financial affairs
  • Work to maximize your investment returns and minimize taxes
  • Help design a plan to generate the income you need for your organization to thrive
  • With these goals in mind, we build globally-diversified portfolios using low-cost, tax-efficient mutual funds to help minimize risk, maximize returns to add value and decrease expenses

As a fiduciary to our clients Premier provides planning and advice from a purely objective standpoint. We’re legally bound to place our clients’ interests above our own and promote trust in every relationship.

We utilize evidence-based, time-tested investment strategies based on years of academic research and application. Our long-term approach works to support your financial goals and success so you can focus on making a positive impact in your community.



As with all of our clients, we begin with an in-depth understanding of your organization’s mission, values, and resources. We then develop a financial plan with a goal to help strengthen your financial position and create strategies to navigate the challenges and capture the opportunities ahead.  Our foundation and nonprofit investment process is based on cost transparency and an open dialogue with your advisory team. We also help facilitate and simplify communications among your organization’s governing bodies, trustees, and board members.


How We Can Help

We help your organization’s governing body meet its fiduciary duties with a well-documented policy statement to provide the structure and parameters of the investment process. This includes identifying the types of investment that meet your organization’s mission, timeline for investment performance reviews, investment objectives and risk tolerance, and cash distribution requirements to meet your organization’s needs.

Our Team

Our team includes CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, Professionals who are experienced in working with foundations and nonprofit organizations. Our process enables us to work together to clarify risk tolerance and financial affairs. To minimize risk and maximize returns to increase the likelihood of financial success, we translate what we’ve learned into a plan that utilizes globally diversified portfolios and low-cost, tax-efficient, asset class funds.

Is A Local Advisor Important?
With Teresa Conley, CFP®

Is A Local Advisor Important? 
With Teresa Conley, CFP®


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