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Premier Guides Clients on Every Aspect of Their Financial Life, Providing Comprehensive Fiduciary Wealth Management to Help Them Experience Financial Peace of Mind.

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Premier was founded more than 30 years ago with the simple belief that wealth advisors must serve their clients’ best interests. And only their clients’ best interests. That conviction has shaped every aspect of our practice which is guided by transparency and accountability—a set of standards that we hold ourselves and each other to every single day.

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Our Mission

Premier Financial Group exists to help clients achieve financial peace of mind by guiding all aspects of accumulating, preserving, enjoying, and distributing wealth.

We are inspired and driven by our core values:


Expressed and received with dignity, with respect for ourselves and others. Counting our blessings and helping others see theirs.


Authentic and passionate engagement with others towards meaningful, extraordinary results and relationships.


A promise to those we serve and to ourselves to continually improve, raise our standards, and give our best.


We are honest and authentic in all of our actions, conversations, and relationships, with a willingness to accept discomfort to maintain it.

Passion & Fun

Having enthusiasm and passion for our profession while creating a happy and healthy environment.

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Fiduciary+ in Ginger’s Words

“Our fiduciary commitment means we put the client first — their interests come before our own. We work collaboratively with clients, understanding their needs to provide personalized service. And our commitment is ongoing. We strive to continuously add value that helps individuals achieve and maintain financial peace of mind.”

Ginger Weber, CFP®
President, Principal, Advisor

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Why Eureka? Because We Love it Here!

Premier’s office is nestled in a beautiful rural community in Northern California where the coastal redwoods meet the ocean. Premier’s founders did not grow up on the North Coast of California, but they soon discovered what those of us who were born here already knew: it is the perfect place to grow a family, their careers, and our business. Humboldt County’s natural beauty is a major attraction. But we choose to stay here for the special small-town feel. It is a place of abundance: generosity, honesty, beauty, community, and integrity.  By basing our company here we are free from some of the stressors of city life and better able to fully dedicate ourselves to creating abundance for our clients, no matter where they live.

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