Premier takes the Fiduciary duty seriously, extending our commitment beyond the basic legal requirements, to provide the highest level of integrity in our relationships.

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A Fiduciary has a legal responsibility to act in the best interest of their clients. The overarching and broad duty requires the fiduciary to act with care, loyalty, honesty, and in good faith. 

Premier takes this responsibility even further.

Our Extended Fiduciary+ Commitment Guided by Integrity

Comprehensive Wealth Management

Comprehensive financial planning and seamless collaboration with clients’ other professional advisors.

Fee-Only Advice

Premier provides service for a structured fee. We are beholden only to our clients.

Transparent Fees

All investment costs are disclosed, transparent, and reviewed regularly.

Personalized Risk Assessment

Investments are made based on clients’ unique risk tolerance and financial needs.

Guided By Integrity

Premier does not create or sell proprietary products or services. We avoid potential conflicts of interest.

Zero Commissions

Our team is guided by integrity, and compensated fairly by the firm, not by commissions and hidden incentives.

Custody Safeguards

We do not take custody of client assets – ever. Clients make deposits to and receive statements from a third-party custodian.

No False Promises

Our fiduciary wealth managers never imply they can “beat the market” or guarantee outperformance. They help you to successfully participate in the world’s capital markets while managing risk, to gain the benefits of doing so.

Realistic Projections

Our clients are coached on reasonable expectations and goals and get recommendations based on their unique needs and investment horizons.

Fiduciary+ in Ginger’s Words

“Our fiduciary commitment means we put the client first — their interests come before our own. We work collaboratively with clients, understanding their needs to provide personalized service. And our commitment is ongoing. We strive to continuously add value that helps individuals achieve and maintain financial peace of mind.”

Ginger Weber, CFP®
President, Principal, Advisor

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