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About Premier Financial Group


A deep commitment to integrity and excellence guides everything we do at Premier. Our collaborative workplace means we work in partnership so everyone benefits from our collective expertise.


We take our duty to our clients’ best interest to a new level, requiring full disclosure of fees, potential risks, and conflicts.

Client Retention Rate

We hate to boast, but with a 98% client retention rate, we must be doing something right.

20 Year Average Advisor Team Tenure

Premier’s collaborative team environment enables us to attract and retain top talent, so team members and clients enjoy the benefits of long-term relationships.

Premier Financial Group exists to help clients achieve financial peace of mind by guiding all aspects of accumulating, preserving, enjoying, and distributing wealth. We are guided by our core values:


Expressed and received with dignity, with respect for ourselves and others. Counting our blessings and helping others see theirs.


Authentic and passionate engagement with others towards meaningful, extraordinary results and relationships.


A promise to those we serve and to ourselves to continually improve, raise our standards, and give our best.


We are honest and authentic in all of our actions, conversations, and relationships, with a willingness to accept discomfort to maintain it.

Passion & Fun

Having enthusiasm and passion for our profession while creating a happy and healthy environment.

About Our Culture

Looking to join a company that wants to see you thrive? Our culture is the key to our extraordinary service. We expect our team to support and champion our clients. And we do the same for our team members. New members are mentored and supported, not just on their first week, but throughout their career here. We work hard together and we lift each other up, recognizing contributions and committing to our long-term success.

Mary Mizera, Investment Administrator

“One of the standout aspects of working at Premier Financial Group is the unparalleled mentorship provided by the founders and senior advisors. This firm has not only provided me and my peers with abundant opportunities for growth, but also with the motivation to want to grow. The firm is committed to empowering each of us to reach our full potential and to develop ourselves in ways that benefit both the company and each employee as an individual.”

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Premier Financial’s Comprehensive Benefits Package Includes:

29 paid days off per year.

50% of “employee” portion of medical insurance paid by Premier.

$50k group life insurance premium paid by Premier.*

Employer-paid long-term disability insurance.*

401(K) plan with employer matching and profit sharing contributions. Premier covers all costs.**

Annual membership to Costco.

Annual membership with Cal-Ore Flights.*

Free, ongoing financial and retirement planning, including low and discounted management fees for employee and direct family.

Assistance with monthly gym membership and initiation fee.

Additionally, Premier covers the cost of continuing education and licensing for industry certifications, and honors employees with annual celebrations, team events, and professional coaching.

*After 6 months of service **After 1 year of service

Job Openings

Operations Specialist Eureka, CA

As the Operations Specialist, you’ll work collaboratively with the entire team to manage client accounts, provide support to your colleagues and deliver exceptional service consistently.

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Financial Advisor Eureka, CA

Premier Advisors have the skills to create investment and financial recommendations unique to each individual, business, or organization’s expressed needs and desires..

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