The Premier Team

100% dedicated to our clients’ best interests and financial goals.

Executive Management

Ginger Weber, CFP®

President, Principal, Advisor

Teresa Conley, CFP®

Vice President, Principal, Advisor

Jeremy Sorci, CFP®, AFIM™

Principal, Advisor

Yarrow Mitchell

Business & Human
 Resources Manager

Client Service Team

Carla J. Simpson, FPQP®

Retirement Plan Specialist

Teresa Sollom

Investment Administrator

Mary Mizera

Investment Administrator

Georgia Nordquist

Investment Administrator

Phoenix Arnold

Investment Administrator

Robert Nordquist

Investment Administrator

Kira Weber

Business & Executive Administrator

Thyme Francis

Investment & Executive Administrator

Britney Martinez

Philanthropy Intern

Tiernan Langtry

Marketing Intern

Blake Baddeley

Business Intern

Jill Van Sickle

Senior Office Administrator


In 1990, Wayne, Ron, and John founded our company with a vision of excellence and a commitment to innovation. Over the years, their leadership has been the cornerstone of our success. They have not only built a thriving business but have also cultivated a culture of mentorship and guidance, generously sharing their knowledge and experience with the next generation.

Their dedication to coaching and mentoring has ensured a seamless transition of leadership and client relationships. Despite passing the torch, Wayne, Ron, and John remain actively engaged with the company, continuing to inspire and guide us with their wisdom and insight.

Wayne, Ron, and John, your legacy of leadership and mentorship will continue to shape our company for years to come. We are profoundly grateful for your ongoing commitment and the strong foundation you have built.

With heartfelt thanks

-The Premier Financial Group Team

Wayne Caldwell, CFP®

Founder, Principal, Chairman of the Board

Ron Ross, PhD

Founder, Principal, Advisor

John Gloor

Founder, Principal, Advisor

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