Wayne Caldwell, CFP®

Founder, Principal, Chairman of the Board

Wayne’s forty-year, unblemished career as an investment advisor and Certified Financial Planner® has been dedicated to guiding Premier’s clients and professionals in a relationship to cultivate client well-being and financial peace of mind.

First, as a founding principal of the firm, then as President from 1990 to 2010, and finally as Chairman of the Board over the last 14 years, Wayne has championed a strong commitment to clients, guided by integrity, that goes above and beyond traditional fiduciary duties. This vision has been passionately implemented by Premier’s financial professionals.

An important part of Premier’s long-term success is Wayne’s business expertise in keeping Premier moving forward and growing, while remaining stable. His success as a leader is evident in the confidence and trust he has in his team, as well as the generations of clients who have trusted Premier throughout his entire career.

Wayne has enthusiastically taken on the next challenge of bringing Premier’s extraordinary client relationships to a select group of national clients who share our integrity values. In this role, Wayne and Premier have entered into a joint venture – DorWay, with our decades-long professional coach, Sandor Kovacs of RunRhino. This joint venture brings all our expertise and client commitment to a select group of national clients who Sandor has been engaged with throughout his 27-year career.

With good health and good fortune, Wayne intends to stay for the duration. Whether being accessible to advisors in guiding clients in their most complex problems, inspiring and coaching his team to excellence, or bringing his personal and professional integrity, his goal is to build on the success of this exciting national DorWay opportunity.