Investing With a Long-Term Outlook

Our highly diversified investment strategy is based on evidence and discipline, and is designed to manage the effects of extreme market conditions, and maximizes client potential for after-tax returns.

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Premier is a wealth management firm for investors who are seeking long-term, consistent results. We’re not for people looking to get rich quickly, time the market, or cherry-pick hot stocks. Our strategy is based on research and evidence. This approach helps reduce risk through broad diversification, is tax efficient, and can minimize investing costs. Our clients enjoy the benefits of a well-diversified portfolio invested in over 11,000 companies through our recommendation of the use of Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA), one of the largest mutual fund families in the US.

We Are An Open Book

The Unbeatable Market
By Ron Ross, Ph.D.
Our investment strategy is not a secret. Years of research prove that the “beat the market” approaches often touted by Wall Street expose investors to unnecessary risks, financial inefficiencies, and keep investors from enjoying long-term success. In his acclaimed book, Premier Founder Ron Ross, Ph.D. shares the evidence behind our passive investment approach and why disciplined investing can lead to higher long-term gains and financial peace of mind. We are happy to share as much as you’d like to know about our strategies and approach and make it our mission to keep clients informed and educated.

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Premier’s Investment Philosophy

We’re in This with You

We invest for ourselves and our company retirement plan the same way we recommend for our clients.

Invest in the Whole Market

The Premier recommended investment portfolio consists of more than 11,000 companies globally.

Opportunity for Consistent Long-Term Results

Unlike other active investment strategies, Premier’s evidence-based strategy has captured available market returns over extended periods.

Unbiased Investing

Premier doesn’t overlay politics or personal beliefs onto our investment recommendations.


We invest through Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA), one of the largest mutual fund families in the US, giving you access not available to individual investors.