I started working at Premier Financial Group in 2021, and have been reflecting on my time at the firm thus far. There are so many things I could write about my experience working here — these are some of the things that have been most meaningful to me.

“What’s it like working at Premier Financial Group?” My answer: this firm has not only provided my peers and me with abundant opportunities for growth, but also fed our motivation to grow. I have always been a curious person, and Premier’s culture encourages and rewards that curiosity. The firm is committed to empowering each of us to reach our full potential and develop ourselves in ways that benefit each employee and the company — an idea that one of our founders, Ron Ross, would fondly describe as a “win-win.” Through hands-on participation, career development initiatives, and mentorship, I have been encouraged to continually expand my horizons and seek creative ways to grow within the organization.

One of the standout aspects of working at Premier Financial Group is the unparalleled mentorship provided by the founders and senior advisors. With their wealth of experience and expertise in the financial, academic, and service industries, they serve as invaluable guides, offering advice and support to my peers and me. It’s easy to imagine successful business owners who retire and become seldom seen around the office — that’s unheard of at Premier. Our leaders deliberately choose to invest time with junior team members, developing us into better professionals and inspiring us to continue to grow ourselves and the business. They do this not because they need to, but because they want to. It’s rare to experience managers who care just as much about their employees’ personal well-being as they do about their professional development, but Premier’s leadership really gets that right. It is also obvious that Premier attracts individuals of strong character, and we all make one another better through every conversation and project. This mentorship not only fosters professional growth but also cultivates a strong and genuine sense of camaraderie and mutual respect among team members.

Being part of the Premier team is more than simply working at this company. The firm has created an environment that celebrates each team member’s unique gifts and encourages us to have fun while excelling in our roles. I am inspired to participate fully and authentically because there is a clear understanding that the team works best when honesty and integrity are prioritized. Whether it’s brainstorming innovative solutions to client or business challenges, partaking in team-building activities, or participating in community events, being part of the Premier team has provided me with a sense of belonging within a group of real individuals who truly value and care about one another. This emphasis on collaboration and fun has fostered a dynamic work environment where I have been able to create success and continually strive for excellence. Belonging to this team has made me a better employee, but perhaps more importantly, it has made me a better thinker, friend, community member, and person.