At Premier, we believe in sharing the rewards of hard work to positively impact our communities. 

Our community thrives on mutual support. People invest time and money in local businesses, allowing them to provide essential products and services in return. This reciprocal relationship is dependent on the generosity of those who are able to contribute.

Premier doesn’t just preach generosity; we practice it every day and inspire the same generosity in our colleagues, clients and community.  

Our Generosity Mission

While we are embedded in our local community of Eureka, we work with clients across the country and know generosity is practiced everywhere. The economic, social and even physical health of towns, cities and counties depend on the generosity of the people within it.

We established Premier Philanthropic as a way to give back to Humboldt County, specifically in the healthcare space. Medical care is the backbone of every community, crossing age, social, and economic divides. And we believe that financial peace of mind and healthcare go hand in hand. 

Our team has donated time, funding, and resources to various local healthcare organizations, including Providence St. Joseph Hospital. We’ve helped in the hospital’s efforts to recruit doctors to the area, as well as graduates through the Destination Humboldt residency program. We created scholarships and have hosted community matches to encourage others in the area to give. We’ve also donated medical equipment to emergency services and fundraised for Alzheimer’s and cancer research. 

These efforts enable healthcare institutions to offer the best care for all of us, but also help the economy flourish. The aim is to attract people to the region to live, work, and engage in local commerce.  

As founder and principal Wayne Caldwell said, “That’s how we see generosity; leveraging it to have an impact, and touching as many people as possible.”

Practicing Generosity Every Day

In addition to our broader efforts, we strive to demonstrate generosity every day within our team and in client interactions.


We support our employees in ways that empower them to give back. We’ve hired interns and employees who want to get started in the financial industry, educating and coaching them toward their career goals through Premier University, our onsite industry training program. 

We also offer competitive benefits to support our staff’s financial peace of mind and overall well-being, like:

  • Healthcare coverage
  • Gym memberships
  • Costco memberships
  • Wardrobe bonuses
  • Coaching, training, and continuing education

Client Relationships

From interns and client service associates to investment administrators and advisors, every member of our firm pays forward the generosity they receive.

Our extended fiduciary commitment, Fiduciary+, means we go above and beyond for each client, listening to their unique challenges and goals to provide personal and consistent guidance throughout the working relationship. We consider clients part of our professional family, educating them to make confident financial decisions.

This level of service allows our clients — regardless of where they live — to be generous, whether it be with their families, communities, and/or employees, including:

  • Parents and grandparents who want to set up future generations for financial success.
  • Individuals who want to donate to charitable organizations without incurring tax penalties.
  • Business owners who want to offer benefits and retirement plans to attract and keep talent. 

Let’s Keep the Cycle Going, Together

When we’re generous, we enable others to do the same — leaving a positive impact on our greater communities. We strive to be a leader in generosity, creating opportunities for fellow businesses and individuals to join in and extend a helping hand. We truly believe you get back what you put in. 

Get in touch to learn about our approach, how it can support you and your community and how you can get involved.