Other firms sell. At Premier Financial Group, we coach. We strive to be the best champion for every client, coaching advisors and administrators so they can in turn coach their clients toward financial success. We show up, we listen, and we guide individuals toward their goals, allowing them to do the things they enjoy and live life with confidence.

But this approach didn’t happen overnight. We developed a coaching process to uphold our core value of integrity, ensuring authenticity, transparency, and accountability in everything we do. 

A Culture of Coaching

Our culture of coaching has affected every process in our business, from broader hiring and training initiatives to day-to-day operations and our interactions with clients. Our company coach, Sandor Kovacs, founder of RunRhino, has been central to this culture at Premier for more than 20 years.

Our process requires regular meetings and collaboration. Employees are coached by Sandor monthly to set goals and understand their contributions to the firm’s success. These are shared with managers, who provide opportunities for growth like networking events, professional development and ongoing education.  

The impact of this extends beyond individual sessions with Sandor, as mentorship and collaboration is woven into day-to-day activities. As an outside party with a thorough understanding of our business, Sandor offers invaluable insights, helping to identify operational gaps within our firm and guide us toward growth.

Our strategic plan and Sandor’s support has been fundamental as the financial industry and our business evolve, keeping us consistent and ensuring we stick to our values of integrity, collaboration, and excellence.

How it Impacts Our Work

Most important to our coaching is how it impacts our service to clients. We reward employees and make sure they are satisfied members of our team — so that they, in turn, approach client relationships with the same level of care, respect, and integrity. 

Wayne Caldwell, CFP®, Founder, Principal, Chairman of the Board of Premier says, “It’s about supporting and championing every team player so that they are in a position psychologically, emotionally, physically, to do the same with clients. You can’t expect people to treat clients exceptionally well if you don’t treat them exceptionally well.”

We know our clients want assurance that their advisors are in it with them for the long term. Our strategic planning and coaching framework provide that security. We share our vision and plans with clients, making sure they work with multiple team members to demonstrate our commitment to their future and offer peace of mind that they won’t have to navigate life events and transitions on their own. 

It all comes back to Fiduciary+, Premier’s extended commitment to fiduciary duty that holds us accountable to go above and beyond for every individual. We’re able to get to know them on a deeper, more personal level and make sure our services align with what they need and expect. And while sometimes that means talking about difficult situations, collaborating with individuals and their families to help them achieve financial peace of mind brings us great satisfaction and joy. 

Positive Change Starts at the Top

Our culture of coaching starts from the top at Premier. Wayne is generous with his time and energy for our people and our business, offering mentorship opportunities and being a champion for their personal and professional goals. He uses Sandor’s notes from coaching sessions to inform his quarterly meetings with every team member. These are critical conversations where employees can be transparent and raise questions or concerns without fear. 

Ginger Weber, CFP®, President, Principal, and Advisor at Premier, does the same, “I am a firm believer in the success of our coaching program. I’ve witnessed how it’s helped every single employee grow in their own way. They adhere to our mission and values, while exploring their unique strengths to determine where they can make the greatest impact. And it’s reflected in the way we work with our clients — we’ve seen the difference it makes in their lives.”

The investment made in Premier’s employees empowers us all to provide excellent service to clients.

Our Commitment to Each Other — and to You

Our team’s dedication to ongoing coaching has helped all of us at Premier Financial Group to be leaders in different ways, investing in ourselves, our clients, and our community. Wayne hopes the culture of learning, collaboration, and growth will continue, saying, “the legacy I want to leave is for Premier to carry on in this generous, caring way.”