Premier’s office is nestled in the beautiful rural community of Eureka, in Northern California, where the coastal redwoods meet the ocean. Most of our team members, including all three founders, did not grow up in the area, but found their way here as young adults. They soon realized that this was the best place to live and grow their families, their careers, and the business. 

The natural beauty of this region is a major attraction for individuals who are seeking a low-stress environment. We have clean air and water, no traffic, pristine and uncrowded beaches, a mild climate year-round, a lower cost of living, and an abundance of outdoor recreational opportunities. We have beautiful rivers, oceans, and mountains to explore. 

Aside from this, there is an overarching reason that we all choose to live here: the culture. Eureka has a small-town feel where people are polite and helpful to one another. Generosity is abundant. If your car were to break down on the side of the road, it’s likely you’ll have numerous people who would stop to help you. We take care of one another. 

Doing Our Best for Our Neighbors, Near and Far

We’ve adopted much of this culture in the way we operate our business, both internally and in our service to clients. We see our colleagues as a professional family, which is then extended to client relationships. When you work with Premier, you get a sophisticated investment and wealth management strategy paired with personal care you won’t get from a larger company. 

Our team has genuine care and concern for clients’ financial and personal well-being. And that isn’t limited to our Eureka neighbors; we have seen it all in our more than 30 years in business, working with clients all over the US. Whether you’re local or live across the country, we take our community seriously and are dedicated to providing guidance rooted in authenticity, transparency, and integrity.  

We also aim to make a significant difference in our community. Our philanthropic efforts to local healthcare significantly impacts the level of care every member of our community receives. 

Excellence Starts Here

Our goal is to be the best we can be — for our families, neighbors, colleagues, and clients. And we choose to do that from Eureka, in an environment that is free from the stressors of city living, allowing our team to be fully present. When we are relaxed and energized from the natural beauty here, we can be available to support our clients when they are experiencing challenges or the stock market takes a dive. 

Living here lends itself to a healthy lifestyle and the ability to help others. It’s what we do. It’s who we are. We love Eureka!